About Us

About us 

Dr.Midtown proudly stands as a beacon of sustainable cannabis innovation and a tribute to the vibrant cultures and flavors of New York City. This minority-owned brand is was founded by Nas, a visionary New yorker, born and raised in Jamaica, Queens with Guyanese and Trinidadian heritage. Transitioning from a extensive delivery service that once united the five boroughs with its base in Midtown, Dr.Midtown has evolved from the legacy market to a legal enterprise without losing its status as a tatsemaker.

Dr.Midtown embodies the spirit of New York and is dedicated to delivering unparalleled cannabis experiences. The brand's commitment to environmental stewardship is evident in its production of high-THC pre-rolls, cultivated with a focus on sustainability and the finest flower and flavors to be found across the state.

Craftsmanship is at the heart of Dr.Midtown's process. Each pre-roll is slow dried, cured, hand-trimmed, and triple-sifted, guaranteeing a smooth and potent experience. As one of the first New York brands to introduce recyclable tins, Dr.Midtown marries product satisfaction with environmental consciousness.

Rooted in the city, Nas and the Dr.Midtown team offer a unique perspective on what New Yorkers seek in their cannabis products. "We understand what New Yorkers want because we’ve searched across the country for the best and brought it back to the city for years,” Nas says, highlighting the brand's deep connection to its community and its mission.

Embrace the new era of New York cannabis with Dr.Midtown, a fusion of heritage and innovation, offering the highest quality cannabis with minimal environmental impact.